It Only Takes a Moment

It Only Takes a Moment

I see this guy pretty often up here at the 175th St. station. He was standing next to the army ad that I see everyday. And this picture is right. That jazzy flutist is right. It only takes a moment to slow down and enjoy the music. It’s a blessing to have live music just randomly playing in the subways.

Street performers are one of my favorite subjects. Most don’t mind being photographed, and I always support them with some bills. I have regular street performers that I see. One of my more memorable one was an old man playing a saw with a violin bow. I’d see him 4 times a week every week, by the shuttle train from Grand Central to Time Square. I’d end up giving him 5 to 10 bucks a week. Sometimes I wouldn’t even stop to listen. I would just toss him a buck just cus I know that he plays the most heart wrenching saw music.

I’ve been in transition with my new camera. Nikon D5100.
It’s got a 35mm lens which makes the actual focal length about 50mm. I have read often that shooting in 50mm is the best way to train your vision. It forces you to get a bit close, but still have a little buffer. It makes you think more.
Some also say that the human eye sees in 50mm. Only with the sickest sensor that will ever exist.


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