Big City Dreaming

Big City Dreaming

Free travel, free money, free shelter, free life, and a little booze. You can do a lot of things to make some money down here. Just ask for it. Take off your shoes and ask for it. I saw it today. A man with no shoes walked around in the train repeating the words, “Can ya help me out? God Bless ya.” Over and over again. I think he got a couple bills. Then he sat down on the floor. It was a strange moment. I know which homeless guys to photograph. Or better yet, not to photograph. Some are on heavy drugs. It’s good to be able to tell what type of drug they might be on. This guy with no shoes did NOT look like an individual to point anything at. He was pretty cranked out. I could tell by the scratching it was somewhere in the heroin realm. They’re usually harmless, but this guy was pretty far out there. A bit erratic. Unpredictable. I used my best judgement and restrained myself. I can get pretty ballsy alot of times, but when the air isn’t right…it feels wrong for a reason. Sometimes it’s best not to find out. You have to check your ego when you are on the street. If someone gets in your face and tells you to erase that photo of them, then kindly oblige. Unless it’s really good then you RUN! No. I’m just kidding. You check your ego, then let it go. It’s not worth it. Would you rather get into a fight? Break your camera?!
Accept the confrontation and rejection. Then move on. There’s no time, there’s something going on over there.


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