There she is. A God among the mortals. She is pleased to see the train has arrived. A man abruptly walks in the shot, and reveals to us who she truly is for just this moment. By the time my camera closes its shutters, she’ll be gone.

I Love classic street photography. I like looking at it. I like the structure and fundamentals of it. The bold statements involved. But lately, I’m more into the unknown. The ethereal. The fantasy. The, “What the hell is going on here?”. The random head jutting into the shot that happens to be perfectly in focus. Or in this case, the man crossing right into my shot. I actually waited for him to walk by. To be honest I didn’t quite want him THIS far into the shot(He was very quick), but it’s ok!
It turns out, it’s exactly how I wanted it. Life should be portrayed as magical.
I want to contribute progressive work to the movement and show my own flavor.


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