The Grand Terminal

The Grand Terminal

Those that are traveling, commuting, waiting for a connection, squatting, looking for a bathroom.
We all arrive here at Grand Central Station. It’s kind of like the heart of NYC. It facilitates the main arterial rail systems that connects everything together. It digs deep into many layers of the underground, filling it with tunnels and stations.

The clashing of the different types of people makes it an amazing place to shoot. Most are too preoccupied to notice their picture is being taken because they’re trying to get somewhere. And just the sheer amount of people is amazing. Though the crowd is impressive, the quality of subjects tends to be monotonous because they’re mostly tourists. They all look the same. Uggs boots and Northface fleeces. But when you go a little deeper into the heart, you can see things mixing and churning. Down by the eatery of the terminal, everyone is there. People gather to where the food is. Even the office workers in the area are grabbing a bite. This shot was towards the center of the eatery area, where a big lounge area is set up. It’s basically a free warm place to sleep. This terminal never closes. You’ll even see pigeons down here, taking advantage of the shelter. You’re bound to find interesting people in places where you can sleep for free. Maybe I’ll spend a night there, just for fun?

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