Recently my Ipod a friend gave me broke and I’ve been without portable music for a bit now. Actually, I don’t mind it so much. It’s hard to be in tune with your surroundings when you are in your own musical moment.

I can hear a cello echoing through the underground hallway. It’s humming the prelude to the first cello suite by Bach. It’s a classic piece that most will be able to recognize. The sound is staggered by the constant bustling of people as I approach, until this man finally reveals himself. He is completely in the notes. He is immersed in it. His eyes are closed and he becomes the classic piece. It’s easy to photograph someone who is in the moment. They are not concerned with the outside. They are in tune within.
I dropped a dollar in his hat. He doesn’t even notice. He just plays on over the loud man nearby preaching about Jesus.
This hallway is the underground connection between time square and port authority on 40th st. Some locals and commuters call this the Jesus Walk. By the time you get to either side, you might be holding a pamphlet about the watchtower. You were probably yelled at by a loud man with a bible about your sins. Or, if you’re lucky you might have even stopped to have your stress level checked by scientologists. Yes, those Test Your Stress Level tables are run by scientologists. I commute through this walk just about everyday. It’s a place where you keep on moving. You don’t want to stop or you might get pummeled. Taking shots here is extremely hard if not straight up dangerous. People are moving very fast, and they’re determined as ever. But if you do ever hear Bach as you’re walking through and you absolutely need a shot of the street performer, get out of the way first. Take your shots when you know you’re clear. It’s nearly impossible to get a good shot when you’re being shoved around.

I learned this the hard way and pissed off some commuters before I took this shot. ^_^
Totally worth it, though.

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