The Meaning of Rules

The Meaning of Rules

Why do we have rules?
To break them.
In other words, we find our boundaries by breaking them.
Some are content with never finding out. Others will challenge the rules to defy them.
Why does one have to defy the rules, anyway?
Defying the rules is trusting your heart. Society says you must abide by these rules, or be cast out of the machine. Defying is not giving into the made up role that society gives you and your circumstances.
Beautiful things happen when rules are being challenged. Rules actually can change by being defied, for the better or for worse. Defying them is critical in our progression as a society and even as a human being. It’s the very core of evolution.
So if acting from the heart casts you away from society, how are you supposed to be an integral part of society and yet obtain your individuality?
How do you stay in the machine as a working cog and yet have your soul be yours?

By changing the rules.
To change the rules you must first defy them.

This photo as you can see is in color.
I’m going to break the black and white rule for my birthday.
Which is today!
This lady struck me with all the colors on her and I instinctively took the shot. I walked away a couple of steps and thought, “Damn, that’s gonna be a shit black and white shot.” I shrugged and processed it in color, anyway.
This is a blog exclusive photo and won’t be found in my flickr photostream. This is my way of defying classic street photography rules. Once I have enough good color photos, I will make a set on my flickr account for them.
Thanks for viewing!

Here’s a link to my flickr account, Check it out!


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