These kids look straight out of a dance battle movie. I’ve seen them both before in the long ride from Columbus Circle to 125th st on the A express. Simply amazing. They’re doing backflips in a moving subway train! Different variations of flips too. I saw them do a crazy stripper pole move, twirling around the place. Some people can’t even stand upright on the damn thing and these kids are doing Shaolin scissor flip kicks. They usually get a dollar from me. As for the lady in the foreground, she made the shot into a great candid. One of the first rules of shooting in the street is to never look at your subjects in the eyes. Look off somewhere else, like you don’t even know they’re there. And Keep Moving. Always keep moving. At the time, I didn’t know if she looked at the camera or not. All I knew is that as long as I don’t look at her and act like I’m totally focused on the dancers, she’ll shrug and won’t be able to tell if I was taking a photo of her or not. Usually works. But then again, the other day I was yelled at by a massive homeless lady as I tried to snag a shot of her greeting a friend. She turned around and screamed “HEY!!!”
I slowly looked up at her, waived without a smile and disappeared into the crowd. In Midtown, you can do that. You can walk in any which way and get swallowed into a crowd of people. And yeah, I’m only human I felt bad that I offended her but at this point my hands move before I think.
The shot turned out to be shit, anyway.
I shrugged it off and headed straight into Time Square to redeem myself.


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