Quick Draw

Quick Draw

I walked right through these mob of kids. Come to think of it, I don’t even flinch when I see a wall of people like this. I just walk right on in. Mobs like this usually are concentrated in the middle and dissipates around the outside. But this one just stopped like a wall or rather, a clearing.
I realized as I stumbled out the other end of the human wall, that they were waiting for someone to come out of a building. Someone famous I presume. As I started to walk away I quickly turned around and fired, hoping to catch them all off-guard! And just as I did, strobe flashes went off in my face! That camera man on the right was shooting ME! But as you can see in the shot, I won the quick draw against him. His flash hasn’t gone off yet.
But the true champion is that one girl posing a thumbs up for me. Well done, fan-girl.

::Click for Larger::


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