A Will and the Way

A Will and the Way

“Quick, look behind you.”
My girlfriend stares widely in bewilderment at something behind me. I trust her instincts and turn around with my camera on and ready.
She’s a very talented artist that understands composition and what a good subject looks like. I trust her wholeheartedly and already knew it was going to be good. This lady passes by us. It was actually more of a hobble or a wobble. I was first simply shocked that she was heading into oncoming traffic without any hesitation. Then I noticed how OLD she was and in my shock, I believe I lost a second or maybe even two seconds as she shuffled her way through.
As you can imagine, one or two seconds can make or break the moment. I need to work on my reaction time and reduce my “HOLY SHIT, is this really happening?” time. ^_^

Thanks for viewing!
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