Oh, that’s just a lady walking a WHUUUU???

Oh, that's just a lady walking a WHUUUU???

On the corner of 17th and second ave. I was walking to work, minding my business. There is a camera in my hand, as usual. But for the first time, my eyes completely deceived me. Or better yet, my MIND deceived me. I had walked right past what I thought was a woman on her cellphone walking her dog.
“Snort! oink…snort snort.”
I was pretty certain dogs don’t make that sound. I turned around slowly in anticipation…and there she was. A beautiful pig, sniffing the NYC sidewalk. My eyes bulged in cuteness overload and I walked up to the lady who is still on her cellphone. I give her the universal sign of “May I take a picture of your pig?” Which is basically me, pointing at my camera then at the pig with an eager expression. She nods and I put my hand out. The pig nuzzled and sniffed at my hand, leaving a wet and grey imprint of a snout. My heart melted.


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