Everyday Magic

Everyday Magic

As long as I can remember, I always had an eye for magical things hidden in everyday life. I would stare and fiddle with plants and trees. Talked to insects in case they understood me. I would watch the snow fall for hours in the cold. Float in the ocean just to feel its waves move me back and forth.
I was a strange kid, I know. ^_^
It’s not very obvious what is magical and what is not. Actually, it’s more of a perception than say “Reality”.
But I have a question for you. What is reality? Is it real because you can hear, smell, feel, or taste something?
Do you not somehow use these senses in your dreams? Are your dreams real? (Not to get all Inception on you.)
I genuinely felt something when I turned towards the sun this day and snapped this photo of normal everyday people. I saw the Shadow consume them and the Sun peeking over the building. It was magical to me. As real as it gets.


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