Ode to Bresson

Ode to Bresson

I had watched a documentary on the legendary pioneer of street photography and godfather of modern photojournalism, Henri Cartier-Bresson. One image in particular struck a chord inside of me. This one: HCBpuddle

I quickly became obsessed with this image and watched the documentary to see how he found it. He explained that he looked through the crack between two planks of a wooden fence and snapped a shot as the man went through the puddle. The photo in its original form had two dark borders to the left and right from the fence. He confesses that shoving the camera into the crack made the image sharper than it should have been. This means Henri was looking at EVERYTHING. Even through cracks of fences. He’s not just observing, he’s searching. He’s putting the camera where no cameras have ever been. I was inspired. After a long rainy day, I found the biggest puddle and watched people hop over it. Reflections from water in particular have always been one of my favorite focal points. It becomes a sort of magical mirror.

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